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The Scrutable Autonomous Systems (SAsSy) project aims to enable the scrutiny of autonomous systems by allowing agents to generate plans through argument and dialogue, while justifying the purpose of each step within the joint plan. Humans or agents can then critique these plans by suggesting and justifying alternative courses of action as needed, thus driving the planning process. In this way, a scrutable autonomous system can allow for both the collaborative generation of a plan, and for its simultaneous verification. This is a three year project being undertaken at the University of Aberdeen.

The project "Scrutable Autonomous Systems" (SAsSy) is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC, UK), grant ref. EP/J012084/1.

The project also has a blog where we post information that is less academically related.

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Dr Martin Caminada
Dr Matt Green
Dr Roman Kutlak
Dr Judith Masthoff
Dr Nir Oren
Dr Nava Tintarev
Dr Kees van Deemter
Dr Wamberto Vasconcelos