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Demo Software

To show how the various technologies can be combined, we implemented a proof-of-concept demonstrator. The software is compiled for Mac and for Windows. The latest version of the demonstrator can be found in our git repository.
Mac version
Windows version


Here are some vides that show the features of the demonstrator.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

On this page you will find pointers to several useful websites

The SAsSy project combines research in the fields of argumentation, intelligent autonomous agents, natural language generation and planning.

The University of Aberdeen performs research in a number of topics crucial to the success of the SAsSy project. Visit the links below for more information about the research, funding and SAsSy-related sites.
The agents group: Agents, Reasoning, and Knowlege

The NLG group: Natural Language Group

The funding body: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Our blog: SAsSy